Writer's Dream


Living enormous,

Reminiscing in accordance,

how fervent as Romans.


Eyes closed

I relish,

the mild sweet tunes,

I relish,

fine laughter food for the soul.


A mystical seed,

dashed to its brim,

I ought to be.


The midnight howl,

the mountain woke,

its noble heirs.

Kings fall

In white winds,

in utter demise,

the sun seethes,

the crows flee.

Angel whispers

Sent aback,

In mornings, noons and nights

my timeless knack,

comes to light.

Fairly fought

Inside out,


heckled by doubt.

merrily sought,

fairly fought.


The baffling hymns,

the damning shiver,

awakes the sleeper.

Old habits die.

My appreciation


When I first started blogging, I never thought that this was the right thing for me. I had tried so many things in the past but I thought this was just another buzz. Even so, I didn’t know where to begin. Many people I’ve witnessed usually start a blog to talk about their life experiences. Their awful life experiences which they couldn’t think of sharing with anyone in their present lives far from this digital world. They would rather share it with their less judging audience than a close friend.

Starting my very own blog never came as a necessity to me. I just wanted to see how far it would go hoping that at some point, my interest would fade. On the other hand, I had never given myself entirely to writing in particular. There were some instances in my past where I had moments of brilliance and times I was awful at it. It never occurred to me that there was simply something hidden inside me.

Its 2018 and I’m almost completing my second year since I began writing and blogging. It’s hard to think that even in this period I haven’t lost my appetite for it. All my life, I have always been the quiet type of person mainly in school. I never knew I was introverted and spent most of my childhood wondering what was actually wrong with me. I spent lots of my time in my head, drifting in my thoughts.

Growing up as a kid who barely shared his ideas and thoughts, I took a bold step into this. This actually means a lot to me. I prefer being the person behind the curtains, giving only a glimpse of who I am. However, this gratitude forced me to come up front and find the right words. You are all amazing people.

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