Writer's Dream


You were a promise,

in a new born day,

unruled and fierce

in golden rays.


In my head

Harmony and grace,

melodies of rain,

fear rears,

little gain.



In the dark the cheers sunk,

the barrel cold, luck sold

pain shatters,

nothingĀ  matters.


You’re a wonder,

here I ponder,

for my worlds flounder,

yours, a silent yonder.

You and I

A phase of anatomy entwined,

looming thoughts and bridges defined,

scars recede,

you and I.

6.00 a.m

Up to fix ends,

the cracking door,

reeking gas, damp floor,

Up to make mends.

Two hearts

On doomsday,

alike hearts say,

she marvels.


Living enormous,

Reminiscing in accordance,

how fervent as Romans.

Eyes closed

I relish,

the mild sweet tunes,

I relish,

fine laughter food for the soul.

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