Writer's Dream

A rainy night

I saw her last night,

flashes in her eyes,

thunder roars with might,

she calls, I oblige.


Anonymous IV

Undeterred and brave,

unmatched she flew,

now a masked grave,

deep in the cold blue,

past and present awash,

by swells of blue hue.


Silence fills every void,

Vultures skimming,

on both sides of the coin,

exasperated and devoid,

calmness keeps him buoyed

Poker face

A wailing heart,

strolling on thin ice,

like a feral bat,

feeding a greedy vice.


Jack the menace,

wears a poker face,

in a nutshell,

the cards in place.

Anonymous III

After the storm,

vast skies ripped apart,

moths bask in naked earth,

horrid raindrops depart,

teardrops leap forth,

dusk sips the stifling wrath,

mute and aghast,

these solemn winds shall pass.


Dates to commemorate,

terror if I forfeit,

engraved on heaven’s gates,

my legacy they await.

Anonymous II

Descending to absolute demise,

church bells faint.

Gazing upon dark skies,

as gloom as grey paint.

Plain secrecy lies,

I seal my own fate.


Infinite love to a joyless squatter,

boundless as the grains of sand,

lapped by turquoise waters.


A gentle beast, the ocean sings,

heartfelt compassion fills,

endurance to my broken wings.

Enlighten me

lacking in all lots,

a stranger in my walks,

tough luck of all sorts,

famished in my thoughts,

timid in night socks.


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