Many people always ask me how it feels when you come from a huge family. Truly,coming from a family with nine kids consisting of seven girls and two boys is something we rarely come across. First, l give them a dramatic pause just to spice up my answer.” It’s very fun when we spend time together but home quickly becomes boring the moment everyone leaves for school or work,” I answer their query. Then there is this other thing that usually surprises them most. Most people have a problem when it comes to identifying my many sisters. “So yesterday l met Mercy at your family’s bookshop in town…”

“I’m pretty sure that was Joy, she works there during the holidays,” I interrupt laughing.

“Mercy is the one with short hair?”

“No that’s Doreen, you are describing.”

“I thought Doreen was the tall slender one.”

“That’s actually Alice.”

“Dude am confused, how do you even live with yourself?”