Times back when we were kids, we used to do a lot of mischievous things. We all have certain memories that sometimes projects in our minds pulling us back into those wild and silly times. Like one instance, I yearned to replicate the flying act of superman in Justice League, the famous cartoon. So I took a long simple long cloth and tied it loosely along my neck. I tucked the knot inside my T-shirt and brought along a plunger to one of my sisters’ room. I didn’t like the idea of wearing my underwear on my pants because I knew it would be embarrassing when I came across any of my siblings along the corridor. Somehow in the midst of this entire silliness, my mum became intrigued with what I was up to especially when she clearly spotted me carrying the kitchen plunger. She slowly followed me behind cautious not to get noticed.

On reaching the furthest room, I twisted the door knob and entered the room without closing it behind me. Funny enough, my mum didn’t stop me from doing what I had in mind like most occasions.  She wanted to relax and be entertained a little bit. Talk about having your son dressed like a super hero on a free quiet morning with nothing amusing around you.

I gradually climbed onto the double decker bed and took a deep breath before I got started. Hesitantly, I pressed the plunger on the ceiling and swung to the other side of the room which also had another double decker bed. This action got me screaming ‘superman’ to myself. My first two swings were really successful with me going back and forth. The next was also excellent giving me more confidence to keep going. Unfortunately, I became careless on my last attempt as I lightly pressed the plunger thereby applying an insufficient force and making it harder for it to carry my weight.

It was on that very moment that I realized my mum was actually watching me the whole time. I was flightless and accelerating straight down to the floor like a tattered old sack filled with cabbages. I landed on the ground with my tiny ass hitting it hard. Furthermore, I was shocked and breathless in this bizarre moment with my mum marching towards me with a slipper. I got beat up with it just to remind me that my ideas really stank and I had to do more revision, derive multiple theories and perfect my act of reasoning.

I was young and adventurous even though I got into trouble many times. In life, we have to take risks, be fearless and make as many mistakes as possible for us to get better.  Hard times will make us breathless and fearful until we choose to get our minds straight similar to my mum’s way of punishing and correcting me for me to see my fault. Moreover, let us get back up on our feet and learn from our mistakes. Be a dreamer and keep on breathing.