What’s your greatest fear that you encounter often, least or yet to come across? Fear missing the school bus in early morning? Fear losing the one you love or your job which you’ve grown devoted to? Fear getting your ass kicked by a weirdo just a few blocks away? I don’t know which is worse, encountering the weirdo or having to come to terms with the fact that you got your ass whooped by such a character at a frail point in your life. For most imaginary individuals, I being included, fearing the dark is what sent us shivers more than any other thing like a sudden cool breeze. When your parent lies on the couch with his legs on the coffee table and suddenly calls out your name.

“Tim, please fetch me my brown jacket in my room. It’s right on the bed.”

Instantly, my heart starts pounding as if it would scamper away at any minute. I grit my teeth as I approach the furthest edge where my fear has drawn its periphery. Taking one step at a time, I get immersed into its creepy silent presence and disappear into an unknown world. A world I knew no one understood except for me and some of my close deluded friends. Somehow I always thought that the tooth fairy and I never saw eye to eye because I always left her some kind of ‘I owe you’ note each time I lost a tooth. I suspected that she would be the first to grab me before Mr. Scarecrow who I always reminded how ugly he was when hanging out with my cousins.

“Son, you took too long to bring me the jacket. Did you have a hard time finding it?” my dad would ask.

“No dad, it was right where you said it would be,” I would respond.

As time went by, I become the one being selected most into the ‘world of darkness’ where the brutal faced ruler, the ugly Scarecrow, freaked the life out of his subjects. My parents chose me a lot when it came to duties pertaining picking items from the dark or sending me into some dark isolated corner. Having learnt that darkness was my fear, they took the initiative to assist me in getting rid of it. It took time to slowly fade like an iconic red football shirt but it was worth a try. I could no longer freeze and stand still like a wooden post whenever major blackouts almost swept the entire town.