The moonlight lit the dusty corridor to the long curving staircase. As the four thick concrete walls enclosed him, he chose to silently sit in one of the farthest corners. He locked his legs with his arms, his feet now used to the cold floor. Drop by drop, water from the brown stained ceiling pierced through the still air falling straight into his empty lunch plate.

He never for a second wished he could alter the past and change his actions. He did what had to be done even though he clearly bore in mind the severe consequences. He single handedly stroke the chord and set the pace for the rest. Suddenly, there was a huge bang on the metallic door his head abruptly twisting towards it. A pompous voice called out his name several times with it flying wide open. Blood in his veins ran cold, his heart almost lunging out from his chest.

The hulk walked straight towards him grabbing him by his arm and pulling him to his feet. Although the noisy shackles seemed to weigh him down, his face glowed with an utmost bravery. They took my freedom away but I won’t show them a shred of fear in me.

The shoves and insults he received weren’t going to stop him from moving forward. This world was his shadow giving him power over them. By the time he would be gone and noon slowly sets in, that’s when they would realize their flaws. He would be a wandering soul, moments away from settling in his new home.