It is arguably true to say guys are the worst cooks. Moreover, it’s also a fact that many great cooks we come across are guys who learnt a thing or two from their mums. In addition to this, it’s hard to stumble across a father whose cooking is impressive and more so enjoys what he does. Most fathers who do so are ones who are selfless when it comes to their families.

However, it doesn’t mean that fathers who don’t cook actually don’t care. Some spare themselves the humiliation because that’s just not part of their stunning attributes. As much as it might be a good idea to try out new things, know where you lay in that particular field.

My best friend’s dad once made dinner when his mum was out of town and his sister was off to boarding school. He took his time searching through the internet by reading on certain tips on how to get started, steps to follow and the dos and don’ts while internalizing each and every concept. He wore his apron, walked to the kitchen and got started.

Hours later, he was done cooking happily placing the food on the table. The aroma was so inviting that it beckoned my best friend, Phil, who rushed from his room to the dining table in a split second. Being eager to have a taste of his dad’s food, he did some self service and sat across the table from his father. Then it hit him,” Gosh! I need a cup.” He rose from his seat, dashed to the kitchen and grabbed a huge cup. This whole time, his father watched in his curious drawn face. Innocently, Phil placed the cup on the dining table steadily pouring the huge amount of rice water from his plate of rice inside it. He then continued munching through the delicious food until he was done and ready for bed.

To my surprise, my dad once made us dinner when my mum was out of town for days. Our first meal was very delicious and we were all astonished by it. Unfortunately as days went on, we realized how much we missed our mum. My dad only knew how to prepare that one meal and nothing else. We grew more and more frustrated day by day.

As I grew older, my mum sent me to the kitchen often to prepare some meal. She told me that it was important for me to know how cook for myself and for my family one day. I also frequently carried out some house chores with my sisters which have proved helpful for me. Indeed, I’m a great guy cook as I write this. One thing someone finds it hard to resist me and all thanks to my mum.