During the past few days, I have learnt something vital that has granted me a new understanding.
Most of my life, I have always wanted to achieve greatness in everything I touched.
To go places that I never thought I would set foot in.
For my hands to feel the warmth of a blazing courage as I get close to it,
becoming fearless when I immerse the tips of my fingers in it.

But when I woke up on a sudden day, a date worth forgetting, everything had changed.
I fell so hard that I had to remain still on the floor and think afresh.
All the beliefs I had in mind were unreal. They were all plain liars as I searched for a consolation.
It all made me a cheat and a loser.

But today someone still saw me as my old self.
He branded me a champ in the simplest way I couldn’t imagine.
Surprisingly, for the few hours we squandered together,
I had my old boots back on and a huge smile
I have never worn for years.
I need this forever.