How do I learn to love, when I barely crack a smile? How do I fix shattered hearts, when offered a paste of flour? To walk in this pair of boots, known to leave prints of disgust and hate. Will I have to fake it all like a Fischer’s chameleon? Hide my pile of emotions like a child hiding a candy bar?

One thing for sure, I won’t shy from the lies, sorrow and agony that has surrounded me for years. When dawn comes and my eyes make peace with the sun’s golden rays, I have a choice to make. I have to be the best that I can be.

So if you are a lover.

be a sea of seven colors.

If you are a giver,

give till it aches.


If you are royal,

let masses chant your name.

If you are a cheerer,

fill their eyes with laughter.


If you are a builder,

thank your boundless arms.

If you are a dreamer,

look up to the blue skies.


If you are a healer,

be a fountain of hope.

If you are a spooner,

You are irreplaceable.

You are all irreplaceable.