Writer's Dream


Gloomy yet spinning, the earth is deceiving. Plunged in high spirits, I feel invincible. Though uttered less by my demeanor, it yearns to extort my mind. In a sudden brink of my dreams, it yields for eternity.



If perhaps it wasn’t too much to ask for a glimpse of it. The lurching free man, the jubilant eyes. The beginning of what’s titled as ‘best’ strays along with the end of his lethal suppression, eating him alive from within.


Excite you

When the stars are singing and I’m far from rage,

a single tear,

spooks the pain.

The solemn reason,

you never left.

A perfect gift,

excites your days.

Love for loss.

Fear is a killer whale calling from the high seas engulfing our minds. It ruins our days, sinking our ambitions to the very bottom. Unperturbed, our dreams remain forgotten. The fear for loss is a quake to our grounds and what we stand for. Contrary, the love for loss is a long walk entailing self-reflection and reinvention.

Writer’s Dream

The fall

The blade was fierce and indiscriminate. The knight merely bled for victory for it lost its meaning. Following the clatter of swords and charging feet, were wails shushed by an incessant wave of death.


Looming over the written curses,

is the curse of all curses,

that unravels it all.

The curse of greatness.


Copyright 2017 by Writer’s Dream.

All I need


All I need,

is one to adore,

none to abhor.


All I need,

is a safe house

endorsed by my might,

fortified by my faults.


All I need,

is me being a resolute craftsman,

of my sole voyage.


Contented at heart,

bold and free,

is all I seek.

Profound memories

Memories of acceptance,

memories of certainty,

ones I favor,

ones I consent.


Cherished memories,

an upwell of smiles,

a heap of laughter,

perfect memories.

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