Writer's Dream


Dates to commemorate,

terror if I forfeit,

engraved on heaven’s gates,

my legacy they await.


Anonymous II

Descending to absolute demise,

church bells faint.

Gazing upon dark skies,

as gloom as grey paint.

Plain secrecy lies,

I seal my own fate.


Infinite love to a joyless squatter,

boundless as the grains of sand,

lapped by turquoise waters.


A gentle beast, the ocean sings,

heartfelt compassion fills,

endurance to my broken wings.

Enlighten me

lacking in all lots,

a stranger in my walks,

tough luck of all sorts,

famished in my thoughts,

timid in night socks.



No hysteria amid worries,

seeming twists,

dreams of snowflakes,

down the wrists,

blood red as roses.

Better days

Sun below her feet,

joy a mellow treat,

broad smiles, for dawn to meet.


You were a promise,

in a new born day,

unruled and fierce

in golden rays.

In my head

Harmony and grace,

melodies of rain,

fear rears,

little gain.



In the dark the cheers sunk,

the barrel cold, luck sold

pain shatters,

nothingĀ  matters.

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